Privacy Policy

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At Quantum Asset AI, we are more than just a trading platform; we are dedicated to elevating the entire trading experience for both newcomers and seasoned traders, ensuring they have the tools and features needed to thrive.

Privacy Matters at Quantum Asset AI

Your privacy is a top priority for us. Before sharing individuals' comments publicly on our website, we take a meticulous approach. We thoroughly examine their IP address and browser identification details, conducting a verification process to minimize the chances of spam comments. Furthermore, each user is assigned a unique coded sequence, known as a hash, derived from their email.

This ensures the authenticity of the Avatar, adding an extra layer of security to your online identity. Once the verification process is successfully completed, your comment, will be proudly displayed on our site. Trust Quantum Asset AI for a secure and transparent trading community where privacy is a paramount concern.

Media Best Practices for Quantum Asset AI Website

Let's dive a bit deeper into ensuring a secure and informed experience when uploading images to the Quantum Asset AI website.

Mindful Image Selection:

Choose images wisely, avoiding those that store geographical information, also known as EXIF GPS. This extra data could reveal the location where the photo was taken, and we want to keep your privacy intact.

Understanding EXIF GPS:

EXIF GPS is like a hidden map in your pictures, showing where they were clicked. By not including such images, we prevent others from downloading them and potentially discovering your location.

Protecting Your Privacy:

We're committed to safeguarding your privacy. Be cautious about unintentionally sharing location data through images to ensure a secure online environment for all Quantum Asset AI users.

Remember, these simple steps contribute to a safer and more informed community.

Cookies at Quantum Asset AI

We have a helpful feature that saves your name and login details. Now, let's talk about the first cookie you meet on the Quantum Asset AI log-in page. Say hello to the Browser Compatibility Checker Cookie - it's the first friendly face you see. Its main job is to check if your browser is okay with our cookies. This cookie doesn't take any information, and it disappears the moment you close your browser.

We have a bunch of cookies working in the background to make the website look nice. These cookies stay for a year, making sure the website always looks good. Then, there are cookies that handle your sign-in info. They stay for two days, so your login is quick during that time.

If you want to stay signed in for a longer time, no problem! Choose the "keep me signed in" option, and these cookies will stick around for two weeks.

Integration of External Content

Our platform frequently includes content such as graphics, images, interactive materials and aricles from external sources. It's crucial to understand that these third-party additions utilize cookies. These cookies serve more than just observers; they gather information about your interactions with our website and how you engage with the incorporated content coming from different sources.

It's important to note that there's a privacy safeguard in place. The cookies that track your interactions and usage of the service only become active when you're actively signed into the platform.

Your Data, Information and Rights

Your IP address at the Quantum Asset AI trading platform is checked during password changes for added security. The email confirming a successful change includes your IP address. Comments and their metadata on Quantum Asset AI are retained indefinitely, allowing quick identification of subsequent comments without moderation delays. Profile information, including images and personal details, is also kept, with users having flexibility in modifying most account information.

As a user, you can request your information and ask for data deletion. Comments from visitors undergo secure processing to ensure a smooth experience on the platform.