Terms and Conditions

Please go over these terms and conditions before proceeding to our website and using our services.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Meanings

Let's look at the definitions and interpretations of the terms used by the Quantum Asset AI trading platform. The capitalized terms introduced at the outset hold particular meanings under specific conditions, providing clarity and consistency throughout. These definitions retain their essence, remaining unaltered whether referred to in the plural or singular form. It's a commitment to precision, ensuring a seamless understanding of key terms in all contexts.

Diving into the Terminology

Let's shed light on the term 'affiliate.' An affiliate is any entity connected through control, which may include being controlled by, exercising control over, or sharing common control with a specific party. In this context, 'control' goes beyond simply influence; it entails ownership of 50 percent or more of equity. This ownership may involve stocks, conferring voting rights for the appointment of managerial authority positions. Grasping these definitions is crucial for effectively navigating the terms and conditions.

In our language, 'Account' signifies an individual account tailor-made for users seeking access to the Quantum Asset AI trading platform and its different offerings.

When we refer to 'nation,' we are specifically talking about Singapore.

You'll frequently hear us mention the 'Terms of Service,' which is also referred to as the 'terms.' These serve as the comprehensive rules outlining the entire agreement between you, the user, and the company, detailing how you can navigate and utilize the platform.

Decoding Terminology

When we mention 'External Digital Media Solutions,' we're talking tools, services, information and any other content originating from an external source. These are elements made accessible or displayed through the Quantum Asset AI trading platform.

Now, when we use the term 'website,' we're specifically referring to the Quantum Asset AI platform itself. You can easily access it by typing in the designated address.

What you Means

Let's delve deep into the term 'you.' When we mention 'you,' we're referring directly to the user – yes, that's you! This covers anyone actively using or engaging with the service, company, or legal entity in a way that aligns with their needs. So, every time you come across the word 'you,' keep in mind it's all about the individual shaping and influencing the experience on our platform.

Understanding Acknowledgement

Let's chat about acknowledgment. When you use the service offered by the Quantum Asset AI trading platform, there are certain rules and things you need to follow. These not only help you use the service correctly but also create a kind of agreement between you and the Company. In these agreements, you'll find all the details about what you need to do and what rights you have while using the Service.

Your connection with and use of the platform depend on your agreement with the Terms and Conditions explained here. These terms are for everyone, meaning anyone who interacts with the platform and its features.

As you start your journey with the Service, adherence to these Terms is vital. In the event of encountering content or conditions that don't align with your agreement, it is advisable to abstain from accessing the Quantum Asset AI trading platform entirely. This approach is instrumental in fostering a smooth and equitable experience for all users.

It is imperative to acknowledge that, to engage with Quantum Asset AI, individuals must be at least 18 years old. This online trading platform strictly enforces the age requirement, disallowing individuals below the age of 18 from utilizing its services.

When you interact with the platform and utilize the offerings it brings to the table, your actions are guided by your adherence to its Privacy policy. These rules discuss how we manage and share user data when you utilize this app.

Registration Guidelines for the Quantum Asset AI Trading Platform

When registering with Quantum Asset AI, accuracy in providing information is crucial. Any inaccuracies may violate the terms and could lead to immediate deactivation of your account. As the user, it's your responsibility to safeguard your password.

Sharing your password with third parties is strictly prohibited. If an unauthorized attempt to access your account occurs, make sure to promptly inform us. It's a collaborative effort to maintain security. Additionally, impersonating someone else or using a name or trademark without proper permission is strictly prohibited.

A Close Look at Intellectual Property

It's essential to grasp that this platform, along with its entire contentand distinct characteristics, stands as the exclusive domain of Quantum Asset AI and its licensors. To ensure the preservation of its integrity, this Service is guarded by a comprehensive shield of copyright, trademark and other regulatory measures, both within the confines of our home country and on the international stage.

This signifies our commitment to safeguarding the uniqueness and originality encapsulated within the platform. Whether it's the engaging content, distinctive or innovative features that contribute to the platform's identity, these are diligently protected to maintain the quality and authenticity of the Quantum Asset AI experience.

Navigating External Links

Within this online trading platform, you may encounter links leading to services or websites not owned by Quantum Asset AI. It's crucial to note that we are not accountable for the activities occurring on those external services or websites. Their content, privacy policies and practices fall under their jurisdiction. By agreeing to the Terms, you acknowledge that the platform bears no responsibility for any potential loss resulting from the use of content sourced from these external websites.

Disclaimer for "As Available" and "As Is"

The Quantum Asset AI trading platform comes as-is, with no guarantees, including implied or expressed warranties related to merchantability or suitability. Quantum Asset AI does not assure glitch-free operation or adherence to specific standards.

Note that in some countries, certain warranties cannot be excluded, and exclusions will be applied as allowed by relevant laws.

Governing Law: The Terms follow national laws, with additional regulations potentially applying based on your location.

Conflict Resolution: Issues are recommended to be resolved informally.

EU Users: Complaints from EU users follow local laws.

US Legal Compliance: By using this Service, you confirm you are not residing in a country under US government embargo or labeled a 'terror-supporting' nation.

Language Priority: In translation discrepancies, the original English version will prevail.

Alterations to Terms and Conditions

Quantum Asset AI can update these Terms, making reasonable efforts to provide a 30-day notice for significant changes. By using the Service after modifications, you agree to the updated conditions. If you disagree, please avoid using the Service.

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